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Plan Your Federal Retirement Podcast

Jan 30, 2023

It is crucial to be hyper-intentional when it comes to your retirement!  How big of a change can make your sick leave? And how important is this subject in choosing the best day for your retirement?

In this episode, we detail some tweaks you can make to your retirement plan to get all the benefits you earned. Do you know how sick leave can affect your retirement calculations? Join Christian and Micah in clearing out the difference between the annual leave concept versus retiring with sick leave.

When you retire and have annual leave hours, you get paid out. So it would be best if you are also intentional about how the sick leave hours will add to that equation. Thinking of this is very important. Once you have chosen the best date for retirement, we can alter it based on sick leave or even yearly leave. Should we burn our annual leave? Should we burn our sick leave? What makes the most sense to do it? Which one is worth more? Get all your answers today and make the best of your retirement benefits!