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Plan Your Federal Retirement Podcast

Jan 30, 2023

It is crucial to be hyper-intentional when it comes to your retirement!  How big of a change can make your sick leave? And how important is this subject in choosing the best day for your retirement?

In this episode, we detail some tweaks you can make to your retirement plan to get all the benefits you earned. Do you...

Jan 25, 2023

When you’re eligible to retire and how the benefit is calculated under the FERS retirement system. 

Jan 20, 2023

You can find more information by clicking here: 

Jan 16, 2023

Whether you are 30, 50, or 70, a subject that has a hold on you is how to improve your financial situation. How much are you saving, and how can you save more? How can you organize your income better?

It is crucial to ensure you are not just following the old rules - you need to know the significant changes in the tax...

Jan 11, 2023

Learn what you need to know about survivor benefits for your spouse.